Heartless Review!


I’m already a huge Alice fan, the queen of hearts being one of my more favorable Disney villains, BUT THIS BOOK Y’ALL- I am queen of hearts obsessed now.


This story began with our main character Catherine being a lovable young girl, ready to pursue her modest dreams of owning a bakery with her best friend. It’s really incredible seeing the transition between Catherine the innocent into the ‘off with their heads’ Queen of Hearts.

Catherine begins as a very enjoyable character with a love of sweets, a big dream, and a mischievous Cheshire cat. When Catherine comes to find out that her parents are giving away her hand in marriage to the King of Hearts, she still doesn’t give up hope of owning her bakery, yet we start to see the temper of the Queen of Hearts shine through. Once Catherine strikes up an untimely romance with Jest, the court Joker, things get really interesting. I’m normally not one who is big on romance in my books but you guys, I SHIP CATHERINE AND JEST SO MUCH. Their relationship was witty, beautiful, adventurous, and ultimately heartbreaking.

Not only does this retelling have one of my favorite forbidden romances of all time, it offers everything you love about Wonderland in a new light. I was completely entranced by the setting, the Edgar Allen Poe references, and the SERIOUSLY CLEVER plot twists.It was also so magical getting a backstory on (lets be real the most important Wonderland character) the Mad Hatter. If I could live inside Marissa Meyer’s brain for the rest of my life I would.

Overall, I gave this book 5/5 stars. My only complaint is that this is a stand alone and I don’t get more Wonderland. Marissa Meyer, you just keep getting better and better. At this point I will purchase ANYTHING you write until the day I die. If the Lunar Chronicles didn’t already have me hooked, I’ve now become your most dedicated subject.

I will link the authors website below in case any of you are interested. Have you read Heartless yet? Are you planning on reading it? Let me know in the comments section!



2 thoughts on “Heartless Review!

  1. Nice review. I’m also planning to read Heartless. It would be my first of Marissa Meyer’s works. I’m wondering though if I have to read Queen of Hearts first to have a little background? Thanks xx


  2. Heartless is a retelling of the classic book, Alice in Wonderland. You don’t have to read it first to love the story but I do highly recommend reading Alice in Wonderland regardless because it’s an incredible novel. If you can’t get a copy of Alice in Wonderland before you read Heartless, there’s also a Disney cartoon movie you can watch that is equally incredible. (I also highly recommend the movie, as it was a favorite of mine when I was a child). Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoy Heartless as much as I do!


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