True Blue Review

true blue


This is a middle grade book set in 1972 Alabama. The book centers around a group of children named Jeana, Billy Joe, and Wade. These three have been best friends their entire lives but everything starts to change this summer. I found the setting to be pleasing. The setting struck me as a more modern day To Kill a Mockingbird. I use the word “modern” very loosely. The premise of the books is whether or not the three kids can remain friends after the boys start developing feelings for the same friend.

There was no real plot to this for me. It was all very boring and I loathe saying that about a book. I just really don’t enjoy a book when there is no crisis or twists. There was nothing really interesting about this that sparked my attention and the entire time reading it I was just counting down the pages until it was over. Unfortunately I have this book one star and I won’t be continuing on with the rest of the books. I do appreciate being sent this novel from netgalley and the publisher but this novel just wasn’t for my taste. This book would be good for someone who is interesting in reading a coming of age story but the pacing was extremely slow and there was very little, if any, action to speak of. If this book were a stand alone I wouldn’t judge it so harshly but as the plot went nowhere fast, I can’t imagine where the next books in the series are going to go.


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