Top 5 Wednesday!

My Top 5 Favorite “Unlikeable” Protagonist’s

  • I think everyone can agree that both Catherine and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights are extremely unlikeable. Both of them are horrible human beings yet you root for them. You want them to be together and love each other from beginning to end. As much as I hated them both as characters, I loved their love. I respected their love. I related to their tactics and hatred and all of their unlikeable qualities because I believed in them as a couple. But lets face it, they were a terrible couple as well.
  • America Singer from The Selection is absolutely atrocious to me. The entire series is trash, yet I’m trash for it because it is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. I don’t know what it is about the authors writing but I will read anything she puts out into the world and hate/love it the entire time. America was SO unlikeable in my opinion but I was so with her on her journey through the selection. I hated everything about her personality but God forbid she doesn’t win the hand of Prince Maxon or I would die.
  • Beatrice Prior from Divergent also infuriated me. Was she supposed to? Did she get under anyone else’s skin? I don’t honestly know. But by the end of the trilogy I had still hated her, yet I was so on her team. No spoilers but once I finished the trilogy I was so angry I wanted to throw them all in a dumpster and set them on fire. If you have read the series then you know what the big ending plot twist was. Why the hell was I so angry when I absolutely hated her character? Probably because deep down inside I secretly loved her.
  • The Lannisters from The Game of Thrones series are also extremely unlikeable. Incest, betrayal, flat out terrible people. This is exactly why I love them so much. Do I want them to eventually turn out to win the throne? No. Would I be mad if they did? Also no. I was even sad to see Joffery go (after I was screaming in delight when it did happen). Hate or love the Lannisters but they are some hard ass characters and that house will either go down in some beautiful flames, or rule the entire world. Not even the fictional world, my world too.
  • Lestat from Interview with a Vampire was really one awful son of a bitch I’ll admit that. The entire time I was reading that book I was reading to reach into the pages and punch him in the mouth. But that’s the beauty of it, as you continue Anne Rice’s series you want to reach through the book and hug him instead. A back story can change everything, and in this case it really did the trick for me. I’ll always be completely in love with Lestat.



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