Behind Her Eyes Book Review!

behind her eyes

I checked out Behind Her Eyes from my library this week and when I finished it, I wish I had never read it. Let me explain. It is April, otherwise known as Spring, but here I am in the mood for thrillers and all together anything spooky. I get the Halloween bug as soon as the snow starts melting and to counteract any Halloween decorating 6 months too early, I read thrillers! This thriller looked as promising as any, I’ll certainly give credit to whoever designed the cover art because it is classically creepy, but this story was a huge let down. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be satisfied at the end because any time a book has “SHOCKING ENDING” written all over the front and back cover, I get skeptical.

Behind Her Eyes revolves around three main characters. Louise, Adele, and David have all becoming tangled in each others lives and the reader is left to put together the puzzle pieces of Louise and David’s past. Louise is a single mother who is down right lonely. There’s nothing very interesting about her life and she doesn’t have very much self esteem. David is a doctor with a shady past, and he also happens to run into Louise at a bar (where they hit it off and end up sharing a very romantic kiss). Fast forward a few pages and we find out that David is actually Louise’s boss, her married boss at that. Now here comes Adele, David’s fragile and innocent wife. Adele befriends Louise and now we have a very big secret!

Here’s what gripped me, Adele is a very unreliable narrator. I went back and forth about who was truly the sketchy one in the marriage (with Adele winning most of the time) but it was enough to keep me on my toes. I flew through this book because I wanted to know what happened to these characters. Adele had a strong sense of evil about her and yet the entire time I found myself rooting for her. Louise is made to look very pathetic and yet I wanted her to find herself in the end. Hell, I even enjoyed David despite the fact that he was made to look like to total piece of trash the entire book. For me to feel strongly about all three main characters is a compliment to the authors writing style because I felt fully involved in everyone’s lives.

The problem? The reader FINALLY finds out in the last twenty pages of the book. We find out what happened in Adele and David’s past to make them like this. Is Adele truly evil? Was David and abusive husband? How can Louise save this couple and which one will she pick? Her secret friend or her secret lover? All these questions are answered but when they were answered I was furious. You may have thought that this entire time you were reading a thriller when in fact you were reading a thriller AND a SUPERNATURAL. My problem with books like this is that I think I’m reading one genre and when you throw in supernatural elements to suite your ending, I’m not interested anymore. Keep it a thriller or make it supernatural to begin with. I do not want to spent 300 pages with a book and then find out that I’ve been played a fool with the “plot twist”. In a thriller I want an explained answer to my question that is realistic (to an extent) and plausible. What I don’t want is you to hypothetically give me a story and at the end say something like, SURPRISE ALIENS! (There are no aliens, that’s just an example.)

Overall I gave this book three stars out of five because I was invested in the characters, I did enjoy the writing, and I was fascinated. I docked two stars because I thought explaining this entire book with a surprise supernatural element was a cheap shot. That kind of ending is a poor way to execute a plot twist/ending and you know it. I don’t intend on reading anything from this author in the future without checking any reviews beforehand to make sure I’m not getting bamboozled. The only reason I never checked with this book is because I like to go into thrillers blind, as I’m sure most of you do as well.

Three stars


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