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My birth name is Brittany but you can call me Luna if you’d like! I was born and raised in Illinois, at the ancient age of twenty-four I still reside in the state with the only river that flows backwards! I am a ruthless reader of just about anything I can get my hands on, although I prefer to read Young Adult.

Mostly fun facts about me :

  • I am the mother of two adorable, yet vicious, little monsters.
  • The first book to ever spark the fire within me was Harry Potter. I remember reading The Halfblood Prince on the school bus and quietly crying into my book all alone with my feelings.
  • I temporarily work at a library. My job is to meet all the books and put their information into our new computer system. Although my job is unfortunately coming to an end, I’d like to be a librarian someday permanently.
  • I was a self proclaimed emo kid throughout junior high and high school. As an adult it has been hard to change my ways. You’ll still catch me jamming to Chiodos and Taking Back Sunday on a regular basis.
  • I enjoy history immensely. History was something that never caught my attention in school because I had no interest in names or dates of long dead people who seemed to accomplish nothing but war. Now I’ve become fascinated with any bit of history I can dig into. Historical fiction has been a god send for me, as well as memoirs and giant tomes of nonfiction.
  • For all of you out there who do not live in the United States, I want to formally apologize for the man sized orange toddler who is running our country. I will continue to use my voice and do everything in my power to speak up against his hatred and bigotry. He does not speak for all of us.
  • I am a proud Slytherin but don’t let the snake fool you, I love making new friends and would be honored to share a conversation with any of you. Lets chat or cry or gush about our favorite characters together!
  • I have been with my husband for seven incredible years. (Yes, since I was a teenager) I count my lucky stars everyday to have someone like him in my life, even if his conspiracy theories do annoy me to death.
  • My best friend and I spent the entirety of high school laying in bed together and reading books. Her name was Vanessa and she was the most delightful human to ever bless my life. Unfortunately her time on this earth was cut short in 2015 but I dedicate this blog to her. Thank you Vanessa for being my reading pal every when it was REALLY uncool to do so in high school. You’ll always the the inspiration for everything I accomplish.


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